Alfred Ho on Data-Driven Decision-Making at local U.S. governments

On August 29th Professor Alfred Ho of the University of Kansas paid a visit to the Zijlstra Center, to discuss his research on Data-driven Desicion-maiking at local U.S. governments.

31-08-2017 | 14:10

During a very interesting presentation for a group of academics and practitioners, Professor Alfred Tat-Kei Ho (School of Public Affairs & Administration, University of Kansas) discussed how the emergence of data analytics and data-driven decision-making are impacting local governments in the U.S., based on a few recent research projects on smart city and open data development with local governments in the U.S.

He showcased some successes, discussed the challenges faced by U.S. local governments, and examined local strategies used to overcome some of the challenges. The talk concluded by discussing some potential research questions for the field of public administration.

Watch his presentation at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam "Promises and Challenges of Data-Driven Decision-Making: Experiences of U.S. Local Governments":

Alfred Tat-Kei Ho, Professor, School of Public Affairs & Administration, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas

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