Inhoud van de studie

Inhoud van de studie

Course structure
The structure of the course offers a unique combination of fieldwork in a Community project, connected to research in your own organization. This new learning approach will serve participants to see through complex leadership dilemmas in their organization.

Studyload (approx.)

Classroom: 4 days
Intervision (including preparation): 12 hours
Home and fieldwork: 80 hours 
After successful completion, participants will receive a SLRP Certificate

Objectives of the course

  • To support organizations to develop their leaders, in service of the organization, clients and society at large
  • To improve understanding and practice of Servant-Leadership behaviour; historically, in business, in research
  • To develop skills in combining leading and serving for personal and organizational development
  • To achieve cross-industry learning through co-creation between learners
  • To establish cross-organizational and cross-cultural networks and gain insight from multiple perspectives 

Key benefits

  • Opportunities to reframe leadership perspectives through Fieldwork in a community project, in a cross company team
  • Develop a mind-set that works effectively at engaging and leading people across cultures
  • Research-based Servant-Leadership practices for organizational development
  • Attention to an issue relevant to your organization
  • Expand your Servant-Leadership network