Tuition fees, study load, and application procedure

The tuition fee for participants starting the RT programme in September 2020 is €19,500.
This includes 6 modules, starting on 1 September 2020 and ending in January 2022.
The tuition fee covers:
•    the lectures;
•    food and drink;
•    examinations and one resit if necessary;
•    the use of the VU Library and study facilities at VU Amsterdam.

In the event of exemptions the fee of €19,500 is reduced by €2,750 per exempted module.

In the event of two exemptions (Dutch RC) the fee is €14,000.

In of the event of one exemption (Dutch RA) the fee is €16,750.

The fee for an entrance exam is €300.

These fees are valid for registration before September 2020.

Register Treasurer

After a successful completion of all required modules (6 with no exemptions), the title of Registered Treasurer is conferred by the Registered Treasurer foundation.

Compulsory books

The costs for the compulsory books are not included in the tuition fees (approximately €850). All compulsory books are available at the start of the relevant module in the VU bookshop in the main building at VU Amsterdam (Boelelaan 1105). The VU bookstore is open until 19.00 on weekdays.
You can order books (with a discount) through the VU bookstore VU boekhandel


Each module includes 8 to 9 four-hour teaching sessions at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. We estimate an additional 10 hours of self-study per week.

Start date

The programme starts in September 2020.


Please use the application form to register. The application must include this form and the following documents:
•    curriculum vitae (pdf)
•    copies of relevant diplomas and lists of marks (pdf)
•    copy of passport (pdf)

If needed or desired, an admissions interview will take place.

After approval (either by filling the application form only or after the admission interview) students will receive a letter of acceptance. In this case, registration is completed and the payment conditions outlined below apply.

General payment conditions

Upon confirmation of registration you will receive a request to pay the tuition fee of €13,000 for four modules. As soon as we receive this payment, your registration will be complete. A request to pay the remainder will be sent next year at the start of the modules in September 2021. This amount will depend on the number of exemptions.

The following general provisions apply to registration for the postgraduate programme in Treasury Management & Corporate Finance at the School of Business and Economics at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam:
-    An RT diploma will only be conferred once payment is complete.
-    Administration costs may be charged in the event the full tuition fee is not paid.

Cancellations of registrations must always be communicated in writing. If a cancellation request is received before 30 August 2020, you will receive a refund of your tuition fees.
For any cancellation requests received before 1 February 2021, €6,000 will be refunded. No reimbursement will be made for cancellations after 1 February 2021 of the relevant academic year.