Key benefits

1.    Broad perspective on the corporate treasury and finance disciplines
The programme covers a broad range of disciplines that all-round corporate treasurers and corporate finance professionals should master. The curriculum is organized into 6 modules. Each module covers a clear and distinctive sub-discipline of Treasury Management and Corporate Finance.
2.    Master level and state of the art
Programme lectures include academics and treasury professionals. The programme is a balanced mix of academic expertise useful for practitioners and hands-on knowledge useful in the daily practice. The programme also includes lecturers from a wide variety of guest lecturers, to stay up to date with the current state of the art in the professional practice.
3.    Interactive sessions
The added value of the programme becomes clear during the lectures, when the main principles are explained, discussed and applied to the professional practice through practical examples and business cases. Participants learn by sharing personal experiences with fellow participants who are active in a corporate environment, work for banks, or in consultant positions.
4.    Useful career development opportunities in a different setting
Participants find the Thursday lectures useful in their daily work and an enjoyable break from their busy professional lives. Participation in the programme leads to new opportunities, ideas, insights and new career development opportunities.
5.    Get connected to the treasury community
The programme helps students connect with other members of the treasury community and provides a more thorough understanding of the treasury management and corporate finance disciplines. Students also benefit from a broader professional perspective on these disciplines, boosting their professional development. The intensive programme helps students build their own professional network by connecting with fellow participants. After completing the programme you will receive your Registered Treasurer degree which is highly sought-after in the treasury community.