Why take risk management?

Widening your perspective

As a risk management professional, you already have a solid command of the calculations, models and analyses at the heart of your field. On the Master’s in Risk Management for Financial Institutions, you will pursue a broader, multidisciplinary approach, taking a critical look at the assumptions that underlie conventional approaches to risk. Drawing on philosophy and history to explore the very nature of risk, you will develop a perspective that encompasses the wider world of human behaviour and risk perception, and discover how insights from psychology and sociology feed into the world of finance.

Furthering your career

Risk management is becoming more and more of a priority within financial institutions. In a world where set models and standard risk management solutions fall short in the face of modern-day complexities, new insights are more essential now than ever. The programme’s unique combination of far-reaching theoretical insight and fine-tuned application to professional practice will equip you to step into this role and offer expert guidance and strategic analysis.

Expanding your network

Throughout the Master’s programme, you will be collaborating and exchanging ideas with a whole new set of sparring partners who work in a variety of roles within the world of risk management. The programme is designed to maximize the opportunities for interaction and peer learning. It also gives you immediate probationary membership of the Dutch Association of Investment Analysts (VBA). This grants you access to seminars, courses and meetings to expand your network and keep you up-to-date with the latest developments.