The programme for you?

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Diploma-uitreiking RMFI, feb 2019

If you are a financial-sector professional with the ambition to take risk management in your own organization to the next level, this programme has been developed with you in mind. It also makes an ideal stepping stone if you are considering a career switch.

The programme’s overarching, integrated approach to risk management makes it suitable for professionals from various disciplines in the financial world:

  • Risk managers at pension funds, insurers and banks
  • Asset managers
  • Front-office, mid-office and back-office managers
  • Auditing accountants and auditors at financial institutions
  • Supervisors
  • Experienced professionals aiming for a senior management position (CEO, CFO, CIO, CRO)
  • Financial consultants
To make the most of this programme you should be open-minded, ready to question conventional approaches, and eager to move beyond black-and-white solutions. The interactive nature of our classes calls for enthusiastic students who are keen to discuss a whole range of key issues from a variety of perspectives.

"I would recommend the degree programme to anyone working in a risk management environment or looking to switch careers"

You need to have a university-level background in economics, business, mathematics or econometrics. To enrol without a background in at least one of these areas you may first have to pass one or more exams in specific subjects that your education did not cover in sufficient depth.