Risk Management for Financial Institutions (MSc)


This Master’s degree programme gets to grips with the practical aspects of risk management and is specially designed for working professionals who are keen to utilize essential concepts from behavioural finance to optimize risk management within their own organization.

As the financial world continues to be shaped by dramatic changes and technological advances, you and your organization need fresh insights and applications to protect stakeholder interests. To develop an astute and effective approach to risk management, it is essential to gain a thorough understanding of how human behaviour affects decision-making in uncertain conditions.

On this cutting-edge Master’s programme with a broad scope, you will work towards a new and more sophisticated analysis of how key players in the financial markets and the business world should take decisions in unsure times and handle the risks associated with these decisions. As a risk management professional ready to take the next step in your career, this is quite simply the most relevant, comprehensive and fascinating programme you can take.


Information session

Next information session will take place in September. Please contact us if you would like to be informed about the exact date.
An informal and individual meeting with somebody from our team is also always possible.
Please contact us m.l.j.habets@vu.nl.

Past Events
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Fieke van der Lecq


Nvb.nl interviews prof. dr. Fieke van der Lecq about Risk Management at VU. “What's unique about this education is the focus on human behaviour (behavioral finance). Many economic models presuppose that humans act rationally, whereas the reality is that this is hardly the case.”

Risk Management At A Glance

Part-time, 2.5 years.
The programme begins in September.
Weekly meetings on a set evening, usually Tuesday of Wednesday, from 19.00 to 22.00.
One written exam per course and several graded cases studies per semester.
You will write a portfolio of four concise essays spread throughout the 2.5 years, individually as well as in collaboration with fellow students.
Approximately 10 hours a week (including one three-hour lecture).
Dutch, but the language of instruction depends on the lecturer as well as the students.
Master of Science (MSc) in Risk Management and the opportunity to join the Register of Risk Managers for Financial Institutions (RMFI).
€12,500 for each full academic year. (No separate fee for the third year).