Fees, workload and how to apply


The degree programme costs €12,500 euros per year for the first two academic years. This also covers exams, syllabuses and use of VU Amsterdam’s library and computer facilities, but excludes required reading. No fees are charged for the fifth semester.


Please fill in the registration form.

Please send the following registration documents by email to m.l.j.habets@vu.nl

  • One passport photograph
  • Your current CV
  • Certified copies of relevant degree certificates, with transcript
  • Copy of valid passport or identity card (both sides)

Once you have registered, you will receive written confirmation and an interview will be scheduled if necessary. The final decision on admission lies with the advisory board. 

General terms of payment

The academic year runs from September to June. The fees for each degree programme are set annually and by registering, you are committed to paying these fees. The degree certificate is only issued once all payments have been made in full.


Any cancellation must always be made in writing. See brochure for full details of possible refunds.