Who is the programme aimed at?

Target group profile

The CFA programme is intended for people who work in the fields of finance and/or investment. 

CFA Charter-holder Occupations:

•    Portfolio Manager
•    Research Analyst
•    Consultant
•    Investment Banking Analyst
•    Risk Manager/Director
•    Finance Director

The VU CFA programme is aimed at candidates with a Bachelor’s degree (preferably in Business Administration). The programme is also a great way for academics to build their knowledge and skills, in addition to providing effective support in preparing for the CFA exams.
Although part of the material for CFA I and II will have been covered in various courses in your previous studies, in many cases it also represents a valuable addition to this knowledge.

Regulation and recognition

The CFA title is recognized worldwide, facilitating access to employers at home and abroad. In the Netherlands, the completion of CFA I in combination with recent, relevant professional experience of at least three years enables candidates to be included in the registers for senior investment advisers, asset managers and investment analysts at the Dutch Securities Institute (DSI).

Those who have passed all three levels and can demonstrate relevant professional experience of at least five years may be included in the registers for senior asset managers and senior investment analysts.