Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

The CFA charter is a widely respected credential for all investment management professionals. The CFA Institute has more than 154,000 charter-holders around the world, in 165+ countries and regions.

The CFA Programme curriculum is grounded in the practice of the investment profession and is updated annually to reflect the evolving knowledge, skills and competencies that are needed in today’s profession.

The CFA Programme provides a strong foundation in advanced investment analysis and practical portfolio management skills that will give you a real career advantage. Leading firms need investment professionals with real-world analytical skills, technical competence and the highest professional standards when they are hiring, often requiring the CFA credential for consideration.

The key benefits of the CFA examination are:

•    Gold Standard: the CFA charter equips you not only to enter the profession, but also to excel in all stages of your career.
•    Strong Ethical Foundations: gain confidence and clarity in navigating ethical issues.
•    Global Passport: benefit from waivers from regulatory agencies, graduate programs and more.
•    Unmatched Expertise: our rigorous curriculum will equip you to take complex investment decisions.
•    Prestigious Network: connect with an exclusive network of outstanding investment professionals.
•    Career Resources: gain access to career guides, thought leadership and continuing education.

The CFA examinations are offered once or twice (in the case of CFA level 1) a year, and the amount of material that is examined in each examination is extensive. Passing the examinations often proves challenging, particularly in combination with full-time employment. Many candidates therefore require support in order to prepare for the examination.

Since September 2000, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) has been offering a programme that supports, guides and motivates CFA students to prepare for the CFA exams. The VU programme consists of evening lectures and a three-day intensive examination training session.

The programme at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam consists of evening lectures and a three-day intensive examination training session.

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