Academics and practitioners are selected to serve as your facilitators for the Executive Programme in Digital Auditing. With their experience and their expertise, ranging from in-depth industry knowledge to detailed technological know-how, they help the curriculum to constantly evolve in order to meet the changing demands of digitisation. 

Information Evenings

The Executive Programme in Digital Auditing has been jointly developed by the Business School Accountancy programme and the ITACA programme, both of which are part of the VU Business School and of the university’s Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.

Hoofdingang VU

The Executive Programme in Digital Auditing is led by dr Peter W.A. Eimers RA, professor of Auditing, and dr Abbas Shahim RE, professor and Director of Studies of IT Audit. Both have extensive experience in university teaching, audit practice and technology.

Peter Eimers RA
Abbas Shaim RE
Rens Wildenbeest RA
• Professor of Auditing
• Partner EY
+31 6 2907 8187
• Professor of IT Audit
• Partner Atos Consulting
+31 6 5384 9789
• Coordinator Digital Auditing
• Advisor Kriton
+31 6 2226 2716