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The Digital Auditing Essentials Masterclass at VU Amsterdam combines the world of Financial Audit and IT Audit, and paves the way for you to earn the title of Registered EDP Auditor (RE). It is seamlessly linked to consecutive parts of the Executive Programme Digital Auditing and the full RE programme at the Vrije Universiteit.

This technology programme has specifically been created for financial auditors. It bridges the gap between the worlds of financial auditing and IT auditing and will enable you to function effectively and successfully in a future that is mainly driven by technological developments. The course is fully compliant with Dutch and International Standards on Auditing and incorporates the latest developments (for instance ISA/COS 315).

Masterclass Essentials

Masterclass At A Glance

Audit firms will have the opportunity to match the course with the firm's specific needs. At the end, there is time for a firm-specific add-on, bridging the firm's audit approach, electronic system, tools and templates, and thus directly benefitting the daily practice of financial audit engagements in 2019. This is done in firm-specific subgroups in order to guarantee confidentiality.

Attending the masterclass and passing the final exam includes certified PE points and will result in a certificate. This certificate gives access to the Advanced and Expert Programmes of Digital Auditing. The Expert Programme qualifies you to earn the title of Registered EDP Auditor (RE).

The masterclass is seamlessly linked with the Advanced Programme of Digital Auditing. This advanced programme (28 days) will further expand your IT knowledge and provide you with the knowledge to initiate IT audits (as part of the financial audit). 

Seamless Linkage Revised

Optimal Learning Experience

The Digital Auditing Masterclass is an intensive programme. In addition to the weekly attendance, a (weekly group) assignment and advanced reading are part of the programme.

The maximum number of participants in a group is limited, so as to give each participant an optimal learning experience. However, the total number of groups may be upscaled, depending on the total demand.

The programme will be given on the following Fridays (from 9:00 to 17:00):

Masterclass Session Revised
• 6 September 2019
• 13 September 2019
• 20 September 2019
• 27 September 2019
• 4 October 2019
• 11 October 2019
• 18 October 2019
• 25 October 2019

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