Digital Auditing

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Interlinked Programmes: Essentials, Advanced and Expert

The Executive Programme in Digital Auditing consists of three interlinked parts: Essentials, Advanced and Expert, all of which include today’s most critical, relevant, and interesting topics associated with auditing, IT and digital technology.

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Upon successfully completing each of the individual programme parts, you will receive a certificate granting you access to the next part of the programme and awarding you continuing professional education (CPE) credits. After completing the Expert Programme, you will be a highly educated IT auditor with a strong understanding of technology. You can then qualify to earn the title of Registered EDP Auditor (RE) once you have fulfilled your practice experience.

Programme Overview: Essentials, Advanced & Expert

Part 1: Essentials Programme

Are you already working as an auditor in the field of financial auditing? Then this is the place for you to start. In 8 days over the course of a two-month period, we will refresh your primary IT skills through lectures, workshops, and course work.

This essentials programme is the basis for financial auditors, controllers, compliance auditors and other professionals.

Part 2: Advanced Programme

Are you currently dealing with organisations that depend on the deployment of IT and have you already successfully completed the Basic programme? Then why not join the Advanced programme?

In 28 full days over the course of a four-month period, we will expand your IT knowledge and provide you with the knowledge you need to initiate IT audits with the right objective and scope in order to better fit the purpose and meet the specific needs of an organisation.

Indispensable for financial auditors, controllers, compliance auditors and other professionals who want to be at the forefront in their field.

Part 3: Expert Programme

Are you an auditor who plans to pursue a career as an IT auditor? In that case, this nine-month programme is for you! You will be trained as a full IT auditor who can act in complex IT environments and execute a broad range of IT-related audit types, ranging from process audits to technology audits.

The Expert Programme consists of the remaining modules of IT Audit, Compliance, and Advisory (ITACA).

Specially designed for financial auditors and other professionals (controllers and compliance auditors) who want to become experts in IT auditing.