Essentials Programme

Essentials Programme

The Essentials Programme is specifically designed for accountants who are active in the field of financial auditing. They recognize the pervasiveness of technological developments in business activities, processes and systems, so they have a natural interest in IT and technological developments and seek to improve the collaboration with IT auditors.
Participants will be educated to operate in regular and common IT environments. These professionals will also be trained to formulate specific IT questions in such a way that the outcome of the related engagement or examination will meet the desired requirements.
The programme deals with the principles of IT and aims to refresh the primary IT skills of participants over the course of 8 days in a two-month period. It involves lectures, workshops and course work and consists of the three main modules described briefly below.
The next course will start in May 2019.
Except for original Dutch literature, all course materials will be in English. Course language will be Dutch, English courses are on request.

Attention is given to the toolbox of an IT-Auditor. Process mining and data-analytics are supporting the financial auditor who is auditing an annual report.

• IT Analytics. Duration: 6 days.
• Independent study. Duration: 1 day.

Here, attention is given to the link between data-analytics and the Audit Standards.

• Annual report, Audit Standards & Analytics. Duration: 5 days.
• Independent study. Duration: 1 day.

The focus of this module lies on dealing with different customers and different types of work as an IT-Auditor.

• Hot Topics. Duration: 5 days.
• Exam Preparation. Duration: 1 day.

The Basic Programme concludes with an exam. Those who pass the exam will be issued a certificate granting them access to the next level: the Advanced Programme.